Bimby-inspired Thermomix-inspired Vorwerk-inspired Cookie cutters

MEG cookie cutters

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Bimby Thermomix Biscuit Cookie Cutter Fondant Cake Decorating

 Around 8/9 cm

Made of PLA plastic which is environmentally friendly and approved for food contact by the FDA.
PLA is biodegradable, derived from natural resources such as: corn starch, tapioca roots or sugarcane. Thank you for considering our 3D Printed Cookie / Fondant cutters, our cutter will help you give your cakes, cookies, cupcakes and more an amazing look! . Colour may vary from Photo.

The cookie cutter is not dishwasher safe, it should be hand washed only using lukewarm water.
Do not expose it to excessive moisture and direct sunlight or other heat source.